Individual Services

If you don’t need the full-service package, I can tailor a package that is best for you and your story. Or, you can choose an individual service from the list below:

Manuscript Critique

A lighter version of the developmental edit. Provides an overall evaluation of strengths and weaknesses while offering suggestions for improvement. Read more.

Cost: $10 per 1,000 words*

Developmental Edit

The most in-depth edit that highlights strengths and weaknesses and offers suggestions for improvement, from the big picture down to the individual words. Read more.

Cost: $25 per 1,000 words*

Story-Writing Coaching

Use this time however you need. We can brainstorm, edit, or evaluate your work together. I can educate, help, and guide you in storytelling or writing techniques to improve your book. Via e-mail only. Read more. 

Cost: $40 per hour*

Line and Copy Edits

Editing at the sentence and word level, focusing on voice and style as well as on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Read more.

Cost: $40 per hour*


* All prices are negotiable after the quote, and all terms of service will be agreed upon before the signing of a contract.