Yay! You’ve found a great editor—who won’t break your bank.

Whether you need full-service editorial help, basic language edits, or anything in between, I’d love to work with you. Together we can make your story the best it can be—and position it for success!

I specialize in plot-driven stories in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and romance.

What my writers say:

“Leslie has a keen eye for spotting continuity mistakes, plot holes, and areas of weak character development. She has aided me in every phase of my process and was able to give me ideas when I was struggling. Whatever your needs and wherever you are in the process, Leslie can help.”
“Leslie is my secret weapon. She is not just an editor, she’s a partner. What sets her apart as an editor is her care for the story. My books wouldn’t be what they are without her.”
“As the line and copy editor of my debut novel, Leslie proved to have a sharper eye for clarity in every dimension: situation, perspective, character, and plot. Her attention to detail and care for the story itself quickened the pace on each page. Her love for the craft is evident in the quality work she puts out.”

I want to help you:

Brainstorm a novel, unexpected, and strong plotline.
Create smartly written, fleshed-out, and purposeful worlds, characters, and dialogue.
Write meaningful and impactful sentences with words that carry weight.
Make your grammar, spelling, and punctuation impeccable.