What is editing?

Editing is a general term that describes the necessary processes a manuscript undergoes on its way to being a published book. While editors typically specialize in one or two types of editing, I provide all the editorial services a manuscript needs in my full-service editing package. I can also customize the services therein to create a package that fits your exact needs and budgetary requirements. I am a full-service editor because I enjoy the collaborative process and care about the story. And I know how intimidating the editing process is, especially if multiple edits (and therefore, editors) are needed for one project. 

For detailed descriptions of the above-mentioned services, please click here.

I can edit my manuscript myself; why do I need an editor?

An editor provides outside insight and an impartial and objective eye.

This manuscript is your baby, so you know it inside and out, backward and forward. It’s difficult to be objective when it comes to something so personal to you. Because I am not as emotionally connected to the story as you are, I can help to root out any inconsistencies, plot holes, or weaknesses in the story or characters.

For line and copy editing, I provide a keen—and slower—eye to catch any grammar, spelling, or pronunciation mistakes while being able to correct inconsistencies and enhance your artistic voice.

Do I need to make all the changes the editor suggests?

Absolutely not!

This manuscript is your brainchild, and there will be areas of disagreement, but the final say is always up to you. I am here to add an outside perspective and to act as a stand-in for your reading audience. You may not agree with some suggested changes, some critiques could be hard to hear, and you will not be thrilled to cut out words/scenes/characters I suggest cutting out.

And that’s okay.

This is where constant communication with me comes into play. I never make an edit or suggestion without a reason, so if you ever disagree, please ask me my reasoning, and if you still disagree, then please disregard my advice.

Is there anything you won’t edit?

There are only three kinds of projects I will not take on: a time-sensitive project, a project that requires historical fact-checking, and a project that requires following a style guide other than The Chicago Manual of Style or New Hart’s Rules: The Oxford Style

The reason for this is because I cannot guarantee my best work on these kinds of projects.

I want to do my job well, and if I have to rush, then mistakes will not be caught and I cannot deliver a solid manuscript back to you. Depending on the quality of writing and the speed of the writer to make changes, a full-service editing project could take either a few months or up to a year to complete. Please refer to my Editing Workflow to get an idea of how this full-service editing process works.

I do not feel confident in my historical fact-checking skills to catch all errors or inconsistencies.

I know The Chicago Manual of Style and New Hart’s Rules: The Oxford Style like the back of my hand, so I feel most confident using these guides. 

I love my job and take it seriously, so I never want to give back your manuscript without feeling I have done 100% the best I can.

If I send you my manuscript, will you make it perfect?

There’s only so much an editor can do, and I am only human.

I will work with you to point out areas of weakness, whether in plot, character development, logical flow, general writing techniques, or so on. It is then your job to make changes and, if necessary, get coaching in storytelling or writing techniques to improve your work. 

Editing in general consists of collaborative work and constant communication, so we will work together to make your manuscript the best it can be.

But I cannot guarantee perfection; I can only guarantee that I will try my best to make your story as bulletproof as possible.

After you work on my manuscript, is it guaranteed to be picked up by a publishing house?

Sadly, no. Art is subjective.

I can only work with what is given and make that the best it can be. Different publishing houses and agents have their own opinions as to what projects or writers they will take on. Together, we can give your manuscript its best chance at success, but success is not a guarantee.

If you have other questions, please contact me.