Full-Service Editing

This is a one-stop-shop service specifically designed to help writers wanting to self-publish (but not only limited to them!). Instead of purchasing multiple editorial services throughout your manuscript’s life, we will work together through the whole editing process.

My full-service editing service includes:

  • One full developmental edit with follow-up consultation
  • Unlimited story-writing coaching (via e-mail)
  • A second substantive editing pass after rewrites with consultation
  • Two passes of language edits (learn more here
  • One final pass of the manuscript and query texts before submission

Through constant communication and a lot of back-and-forths, we will go through this process together to make your story the best and strongest it can be. We will give your story its best chance at (self-)publishing success! Please look at my Full-Service Editing Workflow for an idea of how we will work together.

For detailed descriptions of my above-mentioned services, please click here.

Are you ready to begin this editing process?

Before you take the leap into this (admittedly lengthy) editorial process, be sure you are ready by taking a look at my New Author Checklist. Please also take full advantage of free resources like beta readers, online forums, and critique groups. These resources, along with your own self-editing, will help put your book in a strong position to be professionally edited and will help cut down the editing process time if no major structural changes need to be made.


$1 per 35 words, which is negotiable.

All terms of service will be agreed upon before signing a contract.


Ready to book or have questions? Contact me.